Germany: A Network for Democratic Control of International Financial Markets has been established

About 100 representatives of social groupings call for the Tobin tax and the abolishment of offshore-centres

About 100 representatives of non-governmental organisations, social movements and church-related groups from Germany, Switzerland and Austria established a network for democratic control of international financial markets. The meeting which was organized by German NGOs such as WEED, Kairos Europa and Pax Christi was a first step to start a campaign in German speaking countries around this issue. A broad consensus emerged that there was need of an intensified public debate in Germany, of a countrywide educational effort and of specific advocacy work on the topic.

Members from ATTAC had been invited to give an overview over the development and the strategies of the movement in France and at international level. Participants at the meeting expressed their interest in collaborating with ATTAC and in forming part of the international movement against neoliberal globalisation. They will support efforts to introduce the Tobin tax and to call for the abolishment of offshore-centres and tax havens. As a first step, a coordinating group and a mailing list have been established in order to elaborate a common platform and to propose concrete next steps which will be debated at the next meeting, planned for April 2000.

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