Human Rights not Profit!

This October two negotiations about international trade relations will take place. In Geneva the talk about the so called ‘Binding Treaty’ discusses measures for international concerns to take responsibility for the violation of human rights.

At the same time there will be negotiations about the Multilateral Investment Court (MIC) which is a development of the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS). There, concerns can sue states in case of loss of profit.

The two negotiations can hardly be more different: The protection of human rights has to deal with greed for profit form the concerns. 

Our alliance draws attention to this harsh contrast in the context of the Europe wide action week „Rights for People, Rules for Corporations – STOP ISDS“. We will start in Geneva and then follow the symbolic tour from the necessary and important negotiations for the right to bring a suit for people and then continue to the unnecessary negotiations to bring a suit for concerns in Vienna.  

At the locations during the tour we will use scenes, actions and info events to inform about the two differing negotiations and to underline our demand for the protection of human rights. We will work together with local initiatives and offer photos and background material for the media.

Tour dates

Saturday 12th october
Frankfurt am Main | 11:00 a. m. | Zeil in Front of MyZeil | Map

Sunday 13th october
Geneva | Networking with NGOs and Parlamentarian

Monday 14th october
Geneva | 9:30 a. m. | UN-Plaza | Map
St. Prex | 12:00 | Vale-headquarter | Map
Basel | 7:00 p. m | Marktplatz | Map

Tuesday 15th october
Zug | 11:00 a. m. | In front of Glencore | Map
Munich | 6:30 p. m. | Wittelsbacher Platz in front of Siemens | Map

Wendsday 16th october
Innsbruch | 10:30 a. m. | Spitalskirche | Map
Salzburg | 5:00 p. m.| Platzl | Map | Facebook-event

Thursday 17th october
Vienna | 3:00 p. m. | Juridicum | Map | Facebook-event