I/We wish to contribute towards offline activities to recognise the 10 year anniversary of the financial crisis and I/We commit to this action consensus.

I/We all come from diverse and different movements. This diversity is the basis of our strength.  

I/We question and challenge the power taken by finance over people and the planet and I/We commit to act in unison to regain control.

In the spirit of openness, politeness and respect I/We commit to conducting our words and actions in a peaceful and responsible manner, to not concealing our identities, and with calm and determination, in a constructive and resistant spirit.

I/We will always openly communicate the purpose and intent of our action.

I/We do not provoke irreversible material damage through our actions. I/We only use non-violent techniques and methods to clearly show our determination. We will not call names, make hostile remarks or otherwise inflict verbal violence upon others. We will not carry weapons, drugs etc. No matter what, we will not threaten to physical harm others, nor respond with violence to acts directed against us.

I/We are committed to ensure the safety of all the people present during our actions.

In case of tension, I/We adopt an attitude of violence de-escalation and will not participate in one-upmanship in response to provocation.

I/We understand that there are legal, physical and psychological risks associated with taking action. I/We will  take responsibility for and accept the consequences of our actions, and will not seek to avoid the consequences (apart from by legitimate means).

I/We want a creative, radical and popular movement in which no-one owns the actions, in which imitations and appropriations of actions are highly encouraged. However, I/We strongly oppose any reappropriation of actions that would purposely encourage individualist, nationalist, violent, business or trade goals.